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Shows and Exhibits


Walden’s Coffee Shop, Reno, Nevada

Global Coffee, 508 W Winnemucca Blvd, Winnemucca, NV 89445

Our Lady of Angels, Los Angeles, California

2014-Permanent Installation at Humboldt County General Hospital. 

Humboldt Museum annual Christmas fair

2013-Permanent installation at Libby Hospital, Libby, Montana

Humboldt Museum annual Christmas fair

September 2009-Western Design Conference-Juried Artist

August 2009-Woodriver Cellars, Eagle, Idaho

January 2009-Spring Willow Gallery, Plymouth, Wisconsin

January 2009-Our Lady of Angels, Los Angeles

July 2009-Ocean Mosaics Steel and Shells, Reno Artwalk

June 2009-Nevada-City light to Campfires, Northeastern Nevada Museum, Elko, Nevada *Won Best of Category in Sculpture

June 2009-Abstract Metallica Mosaic, Reno Artwalk

May 2009-Tuscarora Community Artist's Open Studio, Tuscarora, Nevada

September 2008-Wild Women Show, Wilbur May Museum, Reno, Nevada

April 2008-Dreamer's Coffee Shop, Reno, Nevada

River Gallery, Reno, Nevada

May 2008- C.B. Gallery, Reno, Nevada

Cowboy Joe's coffee shop, Elko, Nevada

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