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I began making mosaic art a few years ago. I have attended a workshop in Ravenna, Italy and a course at the local community college. I have always loved repetitive design and pattern. I studied sculpture in college and was focused on figurative work. I believe my preference for sculpture has led  me quite naturally to mosaic art. I love the aspect of "glass collage" and find the journey to the finished piece is a large part of the creative process. Finding local rocks from my hometown of Winnemucca, Nevada to collecting water polished sticks on the Payette River  banks in Idaho is deeply satisfying. The jeweled surfaces of Gustave Klimt's paintings have always intrigued me, long before I worked in mosaics. All the artists I have enjoyed and the materials I have collected over the years has been a natural progression to my love and need to make mosaics.

Living in a small town of about 7,600 people, our main source of economy is Gold Mining, ranching, and agriculture. We are about 165 miles northeast of Reno, Nevada. 

Currently, I teach art and ceramics at the junior high level and also teach drawing and mosaics at the local community college. I have been spreading the mosaic fever gladly to our local inhabitants! I joke that nothing is safe from being covered in mosaics!


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